Food Service

Sweet Octopus’ Tokyo Style cakes are light and fresh. Whether it’s for a delicious dessert, afternoon tea, banquet or event, Sweet Octopus cakes are customisable to your operation’s needs. Our cakes are a versatile and profitable dessert option.


Our high-quality cakes are prepared in our Salsa certified industrial bakery in Manchester. Sweet Octopus only uses the high quality ingredients in all of the cakes such as fresh seasonal fruits, fresh cream and couverture chocolate. In both pre-cut and whole cakes, Sweet Octopus can provide the most suitable options for your company. Please contact us and we can help you decide the best desserts for your operations.


Handling and shelf life

All of our cakes are sold frozen. For best results, we recommend taking cakes out of the freezer the night before serving and refrigerating until ready to be served.


All our cakes are made with high-quality fresh cream, eggs, fruit and other natural ingredients that require attention to shelf life. These fresh ingredients ensure a homemade taste.


In general, our products last 9-12 months when frozen or 3 days when refrigerated. Shelf life and handling varies by product and specific information will always be provided.